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Our trucks are mostly equipped with a Truck Mounted Articulating Loader Crane and a trailer. These truck mounted HIAB  cranes can be used for easy on-loading and off-loading of material on-site. Some trucks can be equipped with an interchangeable platform.

In addition to our own transport fleet, together with our network of transport service providers we are able to offer our customers transportation on a larger scale both in Finland and Northern Europe.

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Model Lift capacity Hiab Trailer Interchangeable platform
Scania 124R, 480, 8x4 105tm Hiab 1055 + jib Yes Various alternatives
Volvo FH104 105tm HIAB X-HIPRO 1058 E-8 Yes
Scania R580 LB, 10x4 90tm Hiab 1058E-8 + 150X-6 jib Yes
Scania 124R, 420, 8x4 80tm Hiab 800 + jib Yes
Volvo FM 12, 420, 8x4 70tm Hiab 700 + jib
Volvo FM D13, 8x4 42tm Hiab XS 422 E-7 HiPro Yes No
Scania 164G, 580, 8x4 35tm Palfinger PK 35000 D
Volvo FM 12, 420, 6x4 33tm Hiab 330 + jib
Volvo FM 13, 440, 8x4 24tm Hiab 244
Volvo FM D13, 6x2 20tm Hiab 144 E-4 HiPro Yes Various alternatives
Volvo FM 12, 8x2 20tm Hiab 280-5 Yes Various alternatives

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