To the top of the field with solid experience - Lifting across Finland and Northern Europe

E. Helaakoski Oy is a Finnish expert in hoisting services and solutions covering all lifting needs. We have decades of experience in the field and have consolidated our position among the leading hoisting service companies in Finland.

We offer our customers a wide range of comprehensive hoisting services from planning to implementation. Projects are our special area of expertise.

We are proud to offer a comprehensive line of cranes and transportation equipment in Finland and the Nordic countries. Call us 24 hours a day at +358 424 9821 for your hoisting project or heavy lift rentals!

Our capabilities

  • Daily Hire
  • Long Term Hire
  • Cargo and Material Handling
  • Heavy Industrial Constructions
  • Bridge Beam Erections
  • Turn Key Projects
  • Heavy Project Erection Jobs
  • Logistic Solutions

Crane services and Fleet rental

With our rental fleet our customers are able to execute both large and small projects.

Our fleet includes mobile cranes, lattice boom cranes, aerial platforms and telescopic handlers. In addition, we rent trucks, wheel loaders and excavators.

Our customers are able to rent our fleet with or without an operator. Operating large cranes always requires a qualified & certified person whereas smaller lifts can be operated after a short introduction. We are happy to provide a free introduction to our customers that have no previous experience in operating platform lifts.

We take good care of our fleet. Equipment is regularly maintained and we make sure our customers always get well-maintained machinery that meets all applicable requirements.

Transport across the country

When you are in need of comprehensive transport services, contact us. Through our extensive range of transportation, we are able to provide our customers with transportation services across Finland. Having us as your partner, you’ll benefit form getting all services from one provider.

Our solid relationships with our partner network results in overall cost efficiency and flexibility. Ask for an offer for a total service package suitable to your needs!


Lifting plans

Careful planning insures smooth running of operations

We take every measure to make sure all lifting operations are both safe and cost-effective. All our operations are designed and managed with safety in mind. Every project is carefully planned and for all demanding lifts a lifting plan is prepared.

Lifting plans include all safety measures needed to be taken into consideration when operating with demanding lifts. Lifting plans are carefully evaluated together with the customer. When planning the lifts, computed lifting models are used. With CAD software and exact knowledge of the lifting conditions the lifts can be accurately calculated. This way the correct machinery can be determined without wasting valuable resources.


Extensive knowledge of different types of projects

We carry out lifting projects for industrial building projects across Finland and Northern Europe. Our proficient crew serves you with all your lifting needs from planning to implementation. We serve not only large industrial customers, but also private customers are welcome! We have an extensive selection of modern equipment, which allows us to carry out projects even in demanding conditions.

Contact us and request a quote for your project!